Professional Hospitality are Industry Employer Partners with Industry Graduates, and we are excited to offer the following to our South East Queensland venues;


  • Industry Graduates sponsor all staff to complete RMLV training with the QHA
  • Eligible employees can complete Certificate III and Certificate IV Hospitality qualifications with no out of pocket cost
  • $200 completion bonus incentive from Industry Graduates to each staff member for each level of experience completed
  • $100 bonus to venue/ venue co-coordinator, for supporting staff to complete each level of experience
  • Additional Professional development resources provided for all staff free of charge


Why are Industry Graduates doing this?


  • Increase the number of staff holding RMLV and reduce the issues about having non-accredited staff on site.
  • Raise the industry training delivered to hospitality staff
  • Remove the financial barrier to receiving the Qualification, for employees and businesses.
  • Bring an Industry focus to training and education


Not only is this a great opportunity to offer professional development to all staff but a chance to expand their skills and retain them. In addition this will provide that ‘next step’ to managers or aspiring managers to learn and apply new leadership skills.


Please contact Industry Graduates on 1300 038 000 or email for further information.