ProPal iPad and Chefs Hat

The new paperless management system for the kitchen. Imagine a kitchen hand that completes all your paperwork in just 10 minutes a day! A system that is so simple, employees actually want to use it!

  • No Paperwork. Reports and checklists are backed up, and documents can be changed, uploaded and viewed on the iPad.
  • Dob in Feature. If the Daily Reports are not completed the management team are automatically notified.
  • Paperless Ordering. Stroll around your venue, tapping in your orders, and simply click and send to notify your supplier.
  • Stock Receival. Check quality, quantity, damage, invoice, weights etc. If you aren’t happy take a photo with ProPal for evidence and return.
  • Incident Reports. Upload pictures, video, CCTV directly via ProPal. Employees can be linked and management will be automatically notified.
  • Monitor. Daily Kitchen Reports are emailed directly from ProPal.
  • Checklists. Use ProPal to ensure all jobs are completed. Every time an employee completes a task it is time and date stamped and linked to their profile.

Online Employee Inductions

inductionProfessional Hospitality’s online induction program offers venues a simple and cost effective method to induct employees and ensure compliance, all in a secure portal.

  • Web based Induction process and training record storage
  • Ability for employees to upload qualifications – Managers can then monitor expiry dates.
  • Venue documents and polices stored on the portal for easy access by Management and employees.
  • Online Noticeboard and SMS feature for instant communication and rosters.
  • Customised and comprehensive induction, including the following:
    – General Induction
    – Patron Care
    – Work Health & Safety
    – Security
    – Food Safety
    – Emergency Procedures
    – Liquor Act 1992
    – Gaming
    – General Venue Information

Professional Hospitality also provides a full suite of policies including compliance, safety and human resources.

Work Health & Safety Audits

whs-auditsWe conduct comprehensive internal Risk Assessment Audits of your entire venue, including all training records and safety procedures.

These audits also monitor legislative responsibility such as fire safety, gaming, electrical test and tag compliance and many other obligations that are time consuming for you to manage.

  • Monitor Compliance
  • Full Reporting & Recording
  • Worry Free Period Scheduling
  • Keep up to date with all legislative requirements

Electrical Test & Tag

Electrical-test-and-tagRegulations require all electrical equipment in the workplace to be regularly tested and tagged to determine whether the appliance is electrically safe for use.

In venues where electrical devices are used closely with liquids and machinery such as fridges and air conditioning and run non-stop, the dangers of faulty devices and wiring carry larger associated risks.

Professional Hospitality can ensure compliance with all required electrical safety regulation standards (Electrical Safety Act 2002).

  • Monitor Compliance
  • Conduct Test & Tagging
  • Full Reporting & Recording
  • Worry Free Period Scheduling

More about Safety Tags

Find out more about safety tagging and the obligations of your business, by visiting or download the 2002 Electrical Safety Act by clicking here.

Fire Safety Advisers

firesafetyAll high-occupancy buildings (occupancy in excess of 30 people) are required by law to appoint a Fire Safety Adviser (FSA).

Professional Hospitality’s trained staff can act as your FSA and guide you in what is required by legislation to achieve building fire safety.

  • Provide training
  • Develop or update your Emergency Procedures
  • Develop or Update Fire Evacuation Maps for your Venue
  • Assist in controlling Workplace Hazards
  • Full Record Keeping as required by Legislation

Gaming Audits

Gaming-AuditsUnder legislation Gaming venues are required to have a compliance program in place.

  • Gaming Compliance Programs
  • Online AML CTF Course available
  • Onsite assistance

We can assist you in setting up or streamlining your current system.

RAMP Submissions

RAMPProfessional Hospitality can develop and guide you through submitting a comprehensive RAMP (Risk Assessment Management Plan), required by legislation.

  • New Applications
  • New Trading Hours
  • New Bottle Shop
  • Transferring a Licence

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